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This website was founded in 2007 as my final project for my Master’s Degree in Education from Bowling Green State University. The scope of the original project was limited to multi-room, public schools in Ohio which have been demolished, abandoned, or closed and reused for other purposes. Schools which are in danger of falling into one of those three categories due to new school construction or other economical reason have also been added to the site and marked endangered.


Many people have asked why one-room schools, Catholic and other private schools, Normal Colleges and Academies, and Functional schools are not on the site and there are two main reasons:

                          1. Money—The site is costly to maintain as so many images are taking                     up over 20GB of space on my server. I simply cannot afford to keep                   adding pictures without limit.

                          2. Time—I live in central Ohio and it is hard enough to keep up with                                all 88 counties and their multi-room public schools which are                             demolished, abandoned, closed, or endangered all on my own.


At the request of many fans of the site, I have decided to start allowing people to sponsor a beloved one-room, Catholic, or Functional school for a donation of $5.00. This contribution helps support the site as well as the time it takes to maintain. Anyone interested in sponsoring a one-room, Catholic, or Functional schools should contact me at for more information.


Please be prepared to provide your own picture(s) as well as the school name, location (exact address if possible), year built, year closed (if applicable), year demolished (if applicable), current use (if applicable). You will also be credited with the sponsorship below the picture.




Dunkle School

(Wrightsel School)

31303 Morgan Road

Elk Township

Built: c. 1885

Closed: 1939

Restored: 2008

*Historic Hosts Vacations*

*Sponsored By: Sue Maxwell*


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